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What is the Best Type of Fence Material for Sound Barrier Fencing?

Updated: Mar 21

Out of all the types of sound barrier fencing materials, which is the best?

Compared to brick, metal, and natural sound barrier fencing materials, Western Red Cedar is the best fence material for sound barrier fencing. Other wood materials are less cost-effective than Western Red Cedar in the long run due to the lack of weather-resistant qualities.

And at Quality Cedar Products, we’ve come to be known as the #1 western red cedar lumber supplier in Canada for high-quality Western Red Cedar for your sound barrier fence.

But before you start shopping, read this article to discover why Western Red Cedar beats out all other materials as the best fence material for sound barrier fencing.

Quality Cedar Products can meet all your cedar board needs. This blog is informational only and not a replacement for expert advice. Please consult a professional before starting any building project as your needs and specifications may vary and it may not reflect the most current building codes, regulations, or industry standards.

First - What is a Sound Barrier Fence, Exactly?

A sound barrier fence, sometimes called a noise barrier, is a type of fence constructed to deter unwanted outside sounds from seeping into residential and commercial spaces.

Some examples of overpowering or grating noises that sound barrier fences can mute include:

  • Construction

  • Traffic Noise

  • Road Noise

  • Lawn Equipment

  • Power Tools

  • Parties

  • Noise From Other Houses Or Units

  • HVAC Units

There are a variety of sound barrier fences that utilize different materials for varying levels of soundproofing efficiency. Denser or heavier materials are required to block out the higher volume of sound efficiently to reduce heavy traffic or street noise.

This may not be doable for households due to HOA and local regulations, hence the importance of checking to ensure you follow guidelines before enforcing your sound barrier fence.

The Importance of Selecting the Best Fence Material for Sound Barrier Fencing

Depending on the type and intensity of the sound needing to be proofed, it can dictate the material required for the best type of fence for sound barrier fencing effectiveness.

Some materials, like brick, can be costly. In contrast, others, like the natural method of using trees and bushes for a green solution to sound barrier fencing but may take time for the plants to mature and can raise the risk of potential gaps and, therefore, loss of efficiency as a sound barrier.

Below, we’ll go into more detail about the different types of material used for sound barrier fencing, along with the top-recommended material to use for cost and sound barrier efficiency.

What are the Different Materials Commonly Used for Sound Barrier Fences?

There are a few notable materials commonly used for sound barrier fences. They include:

  • Metal

  • Wood

  • Natural

  • Brick

  • Chain Link

Each material listed above has pros and cons, some more impactful than others. That’s why below, we’ll save you time by telling you the best type of fence for sound barrier fencing so you can get started blocking out all that irritating sound reaching your home.

So, What is the Best Type of Fence for Sound Barrier Fencing?

Out of all the materials used for sound barrier fencing, which is the best type of fence for sound barrier? Find out below!

Why Western Red Cedar is the Best Fence Material for Sound Barrier Fencing

Western Red Cedar is a weather-resistant wood perfect for sound barrier fencing.

Cost-efficient, Western Red Cedar saves loads of money compared to higher priced alternatives like brick and other wood materials that are not weather resistant. In addition, putting together sound barrier fencing with Western Red Cedar is an easy installation. Finally, it can be paired with more sound-absorbing materials if needing more hefty soundproofing from high-volume sounds like traffic noise.

For the Best of the Best, Look no Further Than Quality Cedar Products

Regarding the sound barrier fencing materials, we have the best choices for all your cedar posts, timbers, & boards.

The #1 choice for high-quality cedar products, our sound barrier fencing materials boast affordable and efficient acoustic sound barrier qualities made from top-quality long-lasting materials.

In addition, the carefully graded tongue and groove cedar boards meet government specifications, guaranteeing easy installation, durable materials, and the quiet you’ve been yearning for.

Other Things to Keep in Mind When Sourcing Sound Barrier Fencing

There are other things to keep in mind when sourcing sound barrier fencing. Learn what they are below!

The Quality of the Materials Themselves

If the materials are low-quality, cost-effectiveness goes out the door. In addition, poor-quality materials guarantee a short life, meaning you’ll be buying new materials and having to fix your sound barrier fencing much sooner than desired.

Investing in high-quality materials guarantees a long life of efficiency for your sound barrier fence.

Make Sure You Order the Right Amount - Measure Twice, Order Once!

Nothing is more disappointing than discovering you didn’t order enough materials for the sound barrier fencing you’ve been planning to put up.

We recommend measuring the area where you will build your sound barrier fence twice. Mistakes happen, so measuring twice could save having to order another round of materials. Once you’ve got the correct measurements, order your sound barrier fencing materials.

Additional Tips for Building a Durable, Effective Sound Barrier Fence

As the landscape is not always level, there must be no gaps at the bottom of the fence. If sound can seep through, denying the sound barrier fence the desired effectiveness.

This is another reason why it is important to measure the fencing area twice. It can prevent the avoidable issue of paying to repair gaps in the sound barrier fencing line.

Final Thoughts on the Best Fence Material for Sound Barrier

Out of all the types of sound barrier fencing materials, Western Cedar Wood is the most cost-efficient due to its weather-resistant properties paired with its aesthetic appeal.

At Quality Cedar Products you can find all your high-quality lumber needs covered, including traditional cedar fencing along with sauna cedar wood, cedar decking boards, and even western cedar siding. In addition, through our wholesale lumber program, you get the best products guaranteed to last at the best price.

Get your sound barrier fencing materials at Quality Cedar Products for guaranteed relief from raucous noises today!

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