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How Much Does Cedar Lumber Cost & What Affects the Cost of Cedar Lumber?

Updated: Mar 26

how much does cedar lumber cost

Are you looking for information on the cost of cedar lumber? Are you wondering how much does cedar lumber cost? You’ve come to the right place.

Read this quick guide to learn more about cedar lumber and its cost. As a western red cedar lumber supplier we wanted to write this guide to help our customers understand the potential costs associated with different types and sizes of cedar lumber.

Quality Cedar Products can meet all your cedar board needs. This blog is informational only and not a replacement for expert advice. Please consult a professional before starting any building project as your needs and specifications may vary and it may not reflect the most current building codes, regulations, or industry standards.

Why Cedar Lumber is the Preferred Choice Across Different Projects

Cedar lumber is a popular choice as a strong building material because it is naturally resistant to rot and decay, while offering a beautiful appearance.

Cedarwood is durable with natural resistance to many issues, such as rot and warping, so it does not need to be treated. Want more reasons that people love cedar? There are many benefits of cedar. Here are some of the most noteworthy.

Naturally Beautiful

One of the top reasons that more and more people choose cedar is its beauty. Red cedar, specifically, is known for providing a beautiful indoor and outdoor experience in all the projects that it is used in. Red cedar is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and comes in many different shades.

Typically, cedar is found in a pinkish-red color. However, it can also have purple undertones. The reddish and purple tones fade as cedar ages, leaving a beautiful gray or silver color behind.

Long-Lasting & Resistant to Decay/Rot

Another reason people choose to work with cedar is that it is durable. For instance, it is resistant to rot and decay. Cedar also resists moisture absorption and lasts longer than many other types of wood. Are you wondering how long cedar lasts? A very long time when properly cared for!

An excellent example of this would be if you choose to build a cedar deck. It is not uncommon for a cedar deck to last for at least 15 – 20 years.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Finally, cedar does not require a lot of maintenance. Cedar does not need to be treated, for example. Maintenance is unnecessary when cedar is installed correctly, with a good seal and stain.

Of course, this could vary depending on the environment that the cedar is installed. Still, overall, the maintenance required is minimal. Learn more about maintaining cedar siding today!

What Affects the Cost of Cedar Lumber?

There are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of lumber. These include supply-side economics, certifications, shipping, seasonality, and the lumber grade. We are going to look more at some of these factors in detail.

Grading & the Type of Lumber

Two things that affect the price of cedar are the type of lumber and the grading. Typically, cedar is graded on appearance, but there can also be a structural grade. The cost of the cedar will be partially determined by the grade that each piece of cedar receives.

You could also pay more or less for the same grade when choosing different types. For instance, rough cut cedar is typically used for structural reasons, and it is a choice that is often used for outdoor structures. If you are looking for siding or cladding, you may choose tongue and groove cedar.

However, clear cedar typically has the highest appearance grades and can be the most expensive. Because of its beauty, it has many uses including landscape construction, exposed timber framing, and landscape structures.


Another pricing consideration is how much you are buying. It could be costly if you only purchase a few pieces for a personal project. If you are looking to save money you should consider wholesale cedar lumber. The more you buy, the more you save.

Individual Supplier

Finally, who you buy your cedar from can also change the price. Every lumber yard will offer different markups on their products.

And, some companies only offer retail, whereas others have retail and wholesale businesses. The region the company is located in, and delivery and shipping costs can also factor into the final price.

How Much Does Cedar Lumber Cost at Quality Cedar Products?

Are you wondering how much does cedar lumber cost? At Quality Cedar Products, we offer cedar products for just about any project you could ever think of at varying prices. Here are some examples of the price you would expect to pay when purchasing through us. These only represent a small percentage of the actual products we offer to our customers.

Cedar Posts Products:

  • Roughsawn 6x6 Cedar Posts – 8 feet - $136.00 each

  • Roughsawn 6x6 Cedar Posts – 10 feet - $170.00 each

  • Roughsawn 6x6 Cedar Posts – 12 feet - $204.00 each

  • Roughsawn 6x6 Cedar Posts – 16 feet - $272.00 each

Cedar Fencing Products:

  • 8x8 Cedar Posts – Tight Knot Grade – 8 feet - $300.00 each

  • 8x8 Cedar Posts – Tight Knot Grade – 10 feet - $375.00 each

  • 8x8 Cedar Posts – Tight Knot Grade – 12 feet - $450.00 each

  • 8x8 Cedar Posts – Tight Knot Grade – 14 feet - $525.00 each

  • 8x8 Cedar Posts – Tight Knot Grade – 16 feet - $600.00 each

  • 2x4 Cedar Cedar Fencing – 4 Feet - $20.00 each

  • 2x4 Cedar Cedar Fencing – 6 Feet - $36.00 each

  • 2x4 Cedar Cedar Fencing – 8 Feet - $58.40 each

  • 2x4 Cedar Cedar Fencing – 10 Feet - $73.00 each

  • 2x4 Cedar Cedar Fencing – 12 Feet - $87.60 each

Looking for a Custom Quote?

When asking how much does cedar lumber cost, you can save substantially by ordering in bulk through a wholesale program like the one we offer at Quality Cedar Products. All we would need is contact information, delivery address, grade of material, time frame, and a brief description of the project and the materials required!

Additional Reasons to Shop With Us Besides Our Incredible Pricing

There are many reasons you would choose to shop with Quality Cedar Products! One of these could be that we are a family-owned and operated company. We service the greater Ontario area for retail orders, but we also service all of Canada and the United States for wholesale orders!

If you’re unsure, you can check out our gallery to see some of the finished products using our Western Red Cedar products!

We Sort & Grade Our Lumber Ourselves - Ensuring High-Quality Materials Every Time

Another reason to shop with us is quality. We do not outsource important jobs like sorting and grading lumber. We look at every piece of cedar in-house, sort it and grade it on-site. Providing quality products for our customers is important to us. By sorting and grading each piece, we can ensure that our customers get the highest quality products.

We offer a quality guarantee to all of our customers. If you are not 100% satisfied with the delivery, you can send us away. If you do not find the issue until you are already working on your project, contact us. We will make it right!

Unparalleled Customer Support Every Step of the Way

We strive to provide the best materials at a competitive price and stellar customer service! We are here for all of our customers, every step of the way – from explaining costs to giving custom quotes and helping assess our customers' needs.

Since customer service is so important to us, we want to do whatever we can to help customers find the lumber that is right for their individual needs. Customers can rest assured that they will have all of their questions answered by real people, trained and knowledgeable in cedar lumber. This will give our customers the correct guidance and information, allowing them to be comfortable in all of their projects and jobs!

All the Different Types of Lumber You Need In One Place!

Regardless of the type of project you are planning, we can help you find the cedar lumber you need. We have many kinds of cedar including sound barrier fence cedar, cedar decking boards, cedar wood for sauna, and cedar fence boards. We have a wide variety of sizes and shades to choose from.

Final Thoughts on the Cost of Cedar Lumber

After reading this guide, you now have a better idea of the cost of cedar lumber for all your projects. The cost can vary based on many things, but at Quality Cedar Products, we offer more than just the opportunity to choose between retail and wholesale lumber goods.

We pride ourselves in customer service. This not only means that we are here to help our customers with whatever they may need. We also have low prices to keep every project our customers participate in at the lowest possible overall cost. And of course, most importantly, we offer the highest-quality lumber around.

You will have peace of mind knowing not only that we will be here to answer all of your questions, but that when you buy from us you will be covered by a quality guarantee. This means that if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will make it right for you!

G&B Wholesale Lumber Incorporated does not assume any liability for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information provided in this blog post. The reader is solely responsible for any actions taken based on the information presented. Any reliance on the information is at the reader's own risk. G&B Wholesale Lumber Incorporated is not responsible for any loss, injury, or damage that may occur as a result of following the suggestions, tips, or recommendations provided in this blog post. Building projects involve inherent risks, and it is essential to exercise caution, obtain proper permits, and engage qualified professionals to ensure safety and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The inclusion of external links, references, or recommendations in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or guarantee the quality, reliability, or suitability of the linked sources. The reader should independently verify the information and assess its relevance to their specific circumstances. The author reserves the right to modify, update, or remove the content of this blog post at any time without prior notice. It is recommended to check for the most recent updates or consult with professionals to ensure the information is current and applicable. By reading this blog post, the reader acknowledges and accepts the above disclaimer and agrees to use the information provided responsibly and at their own discretion.

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