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How To Clean A Cedar Sauna: The Complete Guide

Updated: Mar 21

With all the humidity and moisture in a sauna---common elements that promote bacteria buildup and mold---there’s no question as to why you’re searching for how to clean a cedar wood sauna.

Preventing the buildup of bacteria, grime, and mold are maintenance measures to make sure your cedar wood sauna lasts as long as possible in the best condition. That’s why we’re here to show you how to clean a cedar sauna---to help you protect your investment. There are particular methods in doing so and lots of ways you should not clean a cedar wood sauna. Certain cleaners and cleaning methods can cause damage to the high-quality cedar wood, shortening the lifespan of your beloved sauna.

To prevent that from happening, keep reading to learn how to clean a cedar sauna the correct way! First - let’s discuss the importance of cleaning your cedar sauna.

Quality Cedar Products can meet all your cedar board needs. This blog is informational only and not a replacement for expert advice. Please consult a professional before starting any building project as your needs and specifications may vary and it may not reflect the most current building codes, regulations, or industry standards.

Do You Need To Clean A Cedar Sauna?

Yes. By cleaning your sauna, you are getting the best return on your investment in the sauna. Maintaining the cedar sauna promotes a longer-lasting sauna. Thankfully saunas do not require frequent deep-cleaning sessions as bathrooms do.

Saunas are very sanitary thanks to the high heat temperatures of the water. But, in humid conditions, mold and bacteria can grow. With proper maintenance of your cedar sauna, you will be able to get the most out of your cedar sauna---by keeping the environment of your cedar sauna clean.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Cedar Wood Sauna Clean & Maintained

For many first-timers learning how to clean a cedar sauna can be overwhelming. Endlessly scouring the internet for answers. Keeping your cedar wood sauna clean and maintained is essential to gaining the most out of your cedar sauna.

Through regular inspection and maintenance, dirt and grime can be removed from the cedar wood. This works as a preventative measure to stop the build-up of bacteria and mold that could otherwise harm the cedar wood. One of the great qualities of cedar wood is that it deteriorates slowly, giving it a long life span. This is thanks to the natural oils that are abundant in cedar wood.

A cedar wood sauna is a hefty, worthwhile investment that should be maintained as carefully and consistently as possible to maintain quality and increase the lifespan of the cedar wood.

How Often Should You Clean Your Cedar Sauna?

We recommend cleaning your cedar sauce every two weeks or at least once a month if the sauna is being used regularly. Light cleaning after every use can lessen the amount of work needed to be done during the biweekly or monthly cleaning.

How To Clean A Cedar Sauna: Step By Step

Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to clean a cedar sauna!

Step One: Vacuum Your Cedar Sauna

There are a few recommended steps in learning how to clean a cedar sauna. First, we recommend vacuuming the cedar wood sauna. This will remove any tracks of hair, dirt, or other debris that may have been tracked inside the sauna.

But first and foremost you will need to let the sauna cool down to dry. Switch off the sauna according to instructions and prop the sauna door open to allow fresh air in to cool down the interior. This ensures optimal ventilation so that no moist air can collect inside during the cleaning process.

Step Two: Clean Your Cedar Sauna With A Mild Cleaner

You will need a mild cleaner that does not hold strong chemicals like ammonia. Either pour the cleaner onto the cedar wood or pour the cleaner into a bucket.

Clean your sauna out with the cleaner or detergent using a hand brush and cleaning gloves. Scrub all of the areas of the cedar sauna where you or any others have sat to remove sweat stains on the wood.

It is recommended to use towels when using the sauna to prevent sweat stains on the cedar wood. The towel can be laid down on the bench where you, or others, sit. This prevents large amounts of dead skin, sweat, and dirt from causing stains on the wood.

Step Three: Hose Down The Inside Of Your Sauna

Use a hose to rinse down the inside of the sauna after cleaning the inside with the mild cleaner.

Step Four: Inspect Your Cedar Sauna For Mold

It’s important when learning how to clean a cedar wood sauna to inspect the sauna for any mold. If you notice any spots needing attention, use a bleach solution. The bleach solution can be added to a spray bottle to make it easier to target hard-to-reach spots with better accuracy. Use a cleaning brush to scrub the spot. Rinse with water.

Step Five: DisInfect The Grates, Drains, & Ventilation Points

Now it’s time to disinfect the grates, drains, and ventilation points. All of these places gather large amounts of moisture. It’s here that pathogens can breed and where mold can form. Use a disinfectant, protective gloves, and a cleaning brush to thoroughly clean the grates, drains, and ventilation points.

We recommend taking them out of the sauna for cleaning. Once they have been cleaned and rinsed with water, they should be placed back in the sauna in their rightful place.

Step Six: Sand Down The Benches Of Your Cedar Sauna

This step on how to clean a cedar wood sauna should be done at least once a year.

Use a fine sandpaper to sand down the benches of your cedar wood sauna. Using a fine sandpaper on the benches will eliminate any impurities like stains that can accumulate over the year of the sauna’s usage.

Step Seven: Mop The Floors Of Your Cedar Sauna

Mopping the floors with a deodorizing cleaner can eliminate any leftover odors that have attached themselves to the cedar wood flooring. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners. Instead, stick to a mild cleaner or soap and water.

Step Eight: Lightly Pressure Wash The Exterior Of Your Cedar Sauna

Next, we recommend lightly pressure washing the exterior of your cedar sauna. If your cedar sauna is its own separate building, this can keep the cedar sauna appealing and maintained.

Do not use the pressure washer on the interior of the cedar wood sauna. The interior wood is not suitable for pressure washing and can end up damaging the interior cedar wood.

Step Nine: Apply General Maintenance To Your Cedar Sauna

Look out for general maintenance required for your cedar sauna. Brushing out water spots and checking the screws on your cedar sauna can prevent issues later on with proper maintenance.

Other Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Cedar Sauna

Are you looking to have a long-lasting sauna? Check out these bonus tips on how to get the most out of your cedar sauna!

Shower Before Entering The Sauna

Make it a rule to shower before entering your cedar sauna. This will act as a major preventative measure to get the most out of your cedar sauna for as long as possible.

Showering beforehand will eliminate the amount of grime, sweat, and dirt that can track and mar the cedar wood floors and benches.

Clean Your Feet

Before guests, or you, enter the sauna, make it a habit to clean your feet. This is another method to eliminate the buildup of grime, sweat, and dirt that could enable the risk of growing mold in your cedar sauna.

Wipe It Down

After using the cedar sauna, use a soft towel to wipe down the benches. By doing this, you will be removing any extra leftover moisture to ensure that your cedar wood sauna lasts longer.

Enforce The Usage Of Towels

Wrap a towel around your waist or place a towel down where you sit when using the sauna. Using an absorbent towel will reduce the collection of sweat that can end up staining the benches, walls, and floors of the cedar wood sauna.

A tip is to have clean absorbent towels prepared for you or your guests. Make sure to remove the towels after using them as leaving wet sweaty towels in the sauna can cause the buildup of bacteria, mold, and/or stains.

Air It Out

Once you or your guests are done using the sauna, leave the sauna door open for optimal ventilation. This allows the sauna to fully dry out and prevent bacteria buildup from consistent moisture.

Treat With A Wood-Penetrating Oil

To maintain a fresh and aesthetic appearance of your cedar sauna, use a wood-penetrating oil. The usage of wood-penetrating oil for the treatment of the wood keeps the oil looking brand new.

It’s important to note that a wood-penetrating oil may alter the color of the cedar.

Only Use The Best Cedar Sauna Lumber

When sourcing cedar planks for sauna, stick with the very best of the best. At Quality Cedar Products, we take our lumber quality seriously.

We deliver top-quality Western Red Cedar across all of Central and Southern Ontario. We personally sort and grade all of our cedar products to guarantee the highest level of quality control for only the best cedar lumber. And in our post, “What Kind Of Cedar For Saunas Is Best?”, we go over what type of cedar is best for you---Western Red Cedar being the prevalent high-quality option that suits saunas the best.

You won’t need to look for a reliable lumber supplier in your search for cedar with our promise to provide only the highest quality cedar for 100% satisfaction!

Final Thoughts On How To Clean A Cedar Wood Sauna

No matter what type of cedar boards you need, we have them - and we have the top quality in Canada, with even better service along the way.

Western Red Cedar is resistant to warping under the pressure of heat and humidity making it the perfect choice for saunas. Long-lasting due to its ability to withstand extreme conditions and temperatures, cedar does not warp under heat or humidity. Its ability to be resistant to decay transforms it into a long-lasting timber that is essential for the perfect sauna.

Shop all the cedar products we offer and experience the difference yourself. Get your cedar timber today from the #1 cedar lumber supplier in the nation: Quality Cedar Products!

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